Brickmakers Bibliography

Bibliography of Brickmaking.                                                                                                          Rev.            25/10/2012
As an aid to understanding the trade of Brickmaking the following book list may be of help. All of these publications are produced in Great Britain (except as note #) and may not be available elsewhere in the world.

A List of books or dissertations dealing with or referring to Brickmaking.
1. Avoncroft Museum of Buildings. "Bricks and Brickmaking" Published by them August 1991. [ Also a study folder that includes Bricks A Resource Pack]
2. Aldridge, Bill, "Famous Fleets Volume 3, The London Brick Company". Published by Trans-Pennine Publishing Ltd, 1998. ISBN 0-9521070-9-0.
3. Ashby, Holden M. ‘How to analyze clay. Practical methods for practical men. Published by Kenfield-Leach Company, Chicago in 1909, 10th Edition.
4. Bailey, Margaret. ‘My Ancestors were Moulders of Clay’ Published 2002 by Graft Publishing, Greenlea, Mayfield Road, Fordingbridge, Hampshire SP6 1DU. ISBN 0-9542701-0-X
5. Beswick, M. (Molly). " Brickmaking in Sussex: A History and Gazetteer". for the Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society. Middleton Press (West Sussex) 1993.
6. Beveridge, Lord. "Prices & Wages in England 12th-19th Century. Published by Cass 1965.
7. Bowley M. "Innovations in Building Materials, An Economic Study ". Pub. by Gerald Duckworth & Co. Ltd.
8. Brazier Phillip. The supply of materials for works to historic buildings. Dissertation B330. Section 6.0 Handmade Bricks. Private publication.
9. Brunskill, R.W. "Brick Building in Britain". Victor Gollanz Ltd in association with Peter Crawley, (London) 1990.
10. Butler, Audrey & Arnold. "Somerleyton Brickfields" Pub 1980 by the Trustees of the parish churches of Ashby, Herringfleet and Somerleyton.
11. Cassell, Michael. "Dig it, Burn it, Sell it. The inside story of Ibstock, Britain's largest independent Brickmaker". Published by Pencorp Books, London. 1990.
12. Campbell, James W. P. and photographs by Will Pryce. “Brick, A World History” with over 600 illustrations. 570 in colour. Published by Thames & Hudson Ltd, London in 2003 reprint 2004. ISBN 0-500-34195-8
Chapman J.H. "Economic History of Modern Britain" Vol. II
14. Christian, Roy. "Butterley Brick, 200 Years in the making". Pub by Henry Melland Ltd, London 1990. ISBN 0 907929 19 2
15. Clark, Bryan. “A History of Murston”. Pub in 2011 by Amberley Publishing. ISBN 9781848689985.
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Cox. Alan. "Good and Proper Materials. The fabric of London since the Great Fire". Papers given at a conference organised by the survey of London at the Society of Antiquaries on 21 October 1988. Edited by Hermione Hobhouse and Ann Saunders. The Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England in association with the London Topographical Society Publication No. 140. Published 1989.
20. # Cuffley Peter L. "A History of Brickmaking in Victoria, Australia". Presented to Melbourne University School of Architecture by Mr James Chow. 1967.
21. Davison, 'Brickworks of the North East 1986'. Publisher Gatehead Libraries & Art Services. 290p with many illustrations and maps.
22. Dobson, Edward. " A Rudimentary treatise on the Manufacture of Bricks and Tiles". John Weale (London) 1850. {13 subsequent editions to 1936}.
1877 6th Edition published by Crosby Lockwood and Co. London.

Facsimile of the 1850 edition Edited by Francis Celoria, published by George Street Press Stafford 1971 as Journal of Ceramic History No 5.
23. Douglas,Graham and Oglethorpe, Miles. Catalogue of Records compiled by the Scottish Industrial Archaeology Survey 1977-1985. ISBN 074 8003053
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25. Essam, Brian and Freeman, Pat. "Bricks & Rollers". A Story of the Faircloughs of East Anglia, Pioneers in the early development of Clacton. Published by the East Anglian Traction Engine Club for the East Anglian Traction Engine Society. 1994. ISBN 0 95231110 0.
26. Evans, Pamela. "Brickmaking in rural communities 1850-1930: A study of the Brickmakers of Swanmore, Hampshire making some comparisons with those of the Isle of Wight and Sussex. Final project report for the Open University course DA301, 1995.

Ferguson John & Thurlow Charles. “Cornish Brick Making and Brick Buildings” Cornish Hillside Publications, St Austell, Cornwall PL25 4DW. ISBN 1 900147 41 6. Pub 2005
28. Gower, Graham. "The Tile and Brickmakers of Streatham". Local History Publications, 316 Green Lane, Streatham, London SW16 3AS. ISBN 1 873520 26 3. Pub 1998.
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33. Harper Smith, A & T. "The Brickfields of Acton". No 26 of Acton Past & Present. No publisher mentioned, (available from 48 Perryn Road, London W3 7NA).
34. Harris, George F. "The Science of Brickmaking, A Handbook for Clayworkers". Published in 1897 by H. Greville Montgomery of London as a "The British Clayworker" Manual. The substance of the book is a series of articles first published in the British Clayworker in 1895-96.
35. Heeney, Gwen. “Brickworks” First published 2003 by A & C Black (publishers) Ltd, London. ISBN 0-7136-4880-5. Published simultaneously in the USA by University of Pennsylvania Press, Phiadelphia.
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37. Hurley, Beryl edited, "The Book of Trades or Library of Useful Arts." 1811. Volume II. Published by the Wiltshire family History Society. Original printed by W. Flint. The fourth edition from which these trades are reproduced. P30 "The Brickmaker"
38. Knevitt, Charles. "The story of Brick" Published for Hanson Brick Ltd by Polymath Ltd. 1995.
39. Leslie, Kim & Harmer Jack. "Brick and Tile Making at Ashburnham, Sussex" Published as a booklet by the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Singleton, Chichester, Sussex in 1991, but originally published in ‘Sussex Industrial History’ No. 1 (1970-1) and No. 11 (1981)
40. Lloyd, Nathaniel. "A History of English Brickwork" Published by the Antique Collectors Club in 1983. Originally published about 1970?
41. Nymer, John Lower Palaeolithic Archaeology in Britain. Pub 1968. P322-326 lists Bexley details of brickfields. Gives brick earth details throughout Britain.
42. Murless Brian. "Somerset Brick & Tile Makers - A brief History and Gazetteer", Supplement to S.I.A.S. Bulletin No. 58. ISSN 0964 7029.
43. Neve's The City and Country Purchaser and Builder's Dictionary. A reprint of the Work subtitled, The Compleat Builder's Guide, published 1726 by Richard Neve. Facsimile published 1969 by David & Charles (publishers) Ltd. 7153 4651 7.
44. Newman John, "West Kent and the Weald", ' The Buildings of England Edited by Nikolaus Pevsner' Published by Penguin Books 1969. The introduction and opening chapter has a good section on Kent Bricks and Brickmaking.
45. Pasmore, Rosalind. "Old Industries of Redlynch, Wiltshire". Publisher and date not known.
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Sattin, D.L. "Just off the Swale. The story of the barge building village of Conyer". Published by Meresborough books 1978 reprinted 1982. ISBN 0 905270 053.
54. Searle A. B. "Modern Brickmaking" Third Edition Published 1931 by Ernest Benn Ltd., London.  Fourth Edition Published 1956 by Ernest Benn Ltd., London. (First edition 1911, Second edition 1920, Third edition 1931, Fourth edition 1956).
55. Searle A. B. "The Clayworker's Handbook" 5th Edition, Pub 1953 by Charles Griffin & Co Ltd, London.
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62. Victoria County History of Kent. Vol. 13 p393-5
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65. Wheatley and Co. 'The Good Old Way' 1819-1930. A sales booklet published in 1930.
66. Willmott, Frank G. "Bricks & Brickies". Published privately 1972.
67. Winstanley Michael. Life in Kent at the turn of the century. Published 1978 by Wm. Dawson Ltd. Has chapter called North Kent Brickies.
68. Woodforde, John. "Bricks to Build a House". Routledge and Kegan Paul (London) 1976.
Other Publications.
1.      KENT: Brickmakers Index: Published by the N. W. Kent FHS 1997 on fiche. NWKFHS Mf 41a. Compiled from the Brickmakers Index by David Cufley.
H. M. S. O. (Her Majesty’s Stationary Office)
1. National Board for Prices and Incomes. Report No. 150, "Pay and other terms and conditions of employment in the Fletton brick industry and the prices charged by the London Brick Company". Presented to Parliament July 1970. HMSO. Cmnd 4422. 44pp.
2. National Brick Advisory Council. Paper Two. ‘The Labour Involved in the Making and Firing of Common Bricks and a summary of the total labour requirements of Brickmaking’ by H. H. Macey and A. T. Green. HMSO 1947. (59pp)
3. National Brick Advisory Council. Paper Six. ‘Clay Brickmaking in Great Britain, A Survey of methods used’ by A Miller. HMSO 1950. (79pp)
A list of Journal Articles and other Pamphlets.
1. North West Kent Family History Journal, March 1985, Vol. 3 No 9. "Wheatley-19th Century Brickmakers" by David Cufley.
2. North West Kent Family History Journal, September 1998, Vol. 8 No. 3. "Dunton Green and Otford Brickfields" by David Cufley.
3. Woolwich & District Family History Society Journal, June 1993, No 50. "Woolwich & Plumstead Brickmakers" by David Cufley.
4. Woolwich & District Family History Society Journal, June 1993, No 50. "Brickmakers on the move" by Josephine Birchenough.
5. Hillingdon FHS Journal, November 1996 Issue No 35. Three articles, "Local Brickmaking", "Good Brickmaking Soil Conditions" and "Hayes Brickworkers of 1881" by Christine Alexander.
6. East of London FHS. Cockney Ancestor. "Seventeenth Century Cockney Cowkeepers and Brickmakers" Parts I, II & III by Philip Richards. Date and volume number unknown.
7. Bursledon Brickworks." Leaflet by the Hampshire Building Trust, Bursledon Brickworks, Coal Park Lane, Swanwick, Southampton SO3 7DL.
8. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association. Vol. LV, Part 3, 1944. "The Crayford Brickearths" by A. S. Kennard. A.L.S., F.G.S..
9. Journal of the Staffordshire Industrial Archaeology Society. "Colwich Brickworks Survey", by Jim & Anne Andrews. Published by the Staffordshire Industrial Archaeology Society No. 12 1986. ISSN 0264-7346
10. Bygone Kent. Monthly Journal.
November 1980. Vol. 1 No. 11 "Craft of the Kentish Brick Maker" by Richard Filmer.
Vol. 3 No. 3 "The Halden Potteries-A Vanishing Industry" by Ian Murdoch.
1987 Vol. 8 No. 9 "The Dunton Green Brick, Tile & Pottery Works". By Alan Major.
1981 Vol. 12 No. 8 "The Story of Hammill Brick", by L. C. Poupard.
1994 Vol. 15 No. 8 "High Brooms and its Brickworks", by Keith Hetherington.
April 1997. Vol. 18 No. 4 "Lower Halstow Brickfields", (Part One), by Pamela Stevens.
May 1997. Vol. 18 No. 5 "Lower Halstow Brickfields", (Part Two), by Pamela Stevens.
June 1997. Vol. 18 No. 6 "Lower Halstow Brickfields", (Part Three) by Pamela Stevens.
Cambridgeshire. Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society LXXXVII pp 59-69., ‘Brickmaking Accounts for Wisbeech, 1333-1356’ by David Sherlock.
12. Chiltern Open Air Museum. Newsletter No. 47 Spring 1994. Bricks and Brickmaking by Clair Butler, Miriam Moir & Janet Ahlberg.
13. Cleveland Industrial Archaeologist No 16 (1984) pp 29-33. "George Lambert, Brickmaker" by Marie Lambert.
14. Crayford Manor House, Historical & Arch. Society. Annual Report 1979-80. "A History of brickwork according to Nathaniel Lloyd 1925". By R. A. Brooks.
15. Dartford Historical & Antiquarian Society, NewsLetter. No. 21, 1984. Herbert Adrian. "Bricks and Brickfields of Dartford."
16. Economica August 1934. Shannon H. A. "Bricks-A trade Index 1785-1849".
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18. Journal of Industrial Archaeology. Vol. 1. No. 4. Jan 1965. "Hitch's Patent Bricks" by Richard Storey.
19. Journal of Industrial Archaeology. Vol. 7. No. 3. August 1970. "Hitch's Patent Bricks: Some Further Details" by Richard A. Storey.
20. The London Naturalist No. 73, 1994. Cawthorne W. A. and Fuller J. G. C. M. "James Mitchell's Brickmaking - an early nineteenth-century study in economic geology".
21. Middle Thames Archaeological Soc. News Bulletin. Vol. 1 (5) 1965. "The former Brickmaking Industry of Langley Buckinghamshire" by Graham West.
22. Otford District Historical Society 1975. "Otford in Kent: A history" by Dennis Clarke & Anthony Stoyel.
23. Oxfordshire Museums Service Publications. The Clay Industries of Oxfordshire.
No 13 Oxfordshire Potters by Nancy Stebbing, John Rhodes, Maureen Mellor. ISBN 0 901036 08 0
No 14 Oxfordshire Brickmakers by James Bond, Sarah Gosling, John Rhodes. ISBN 0 901036 07 2.
24. Weald & Downland, Open Air Museum, Singleton, Chichester, Sussex, Guidebook has details of their Pugmill House and a Drying Shed.
25. #"Brick… Its History and how it is made" Presented by General Shale Products Corporation, Johnson City, Tennessee. Copyright 1986 Third Edition.
26. 'Information'. The journal of the British Brick Society produced biannually.
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